About Us


We take pride in not being your normal "run of the mill" accounting business. Traditionally, an accountant's role has been to provide results of an historical nature, making it too late to use such information for the day to day decision making process.

At Rainest, we work with you on current information, presenting current results which help you to make informed decisions and allow implementation of changes in policy direction as smoothly as possible. We make the time to help you implement such changes for your Company's long term benefits.

We do not believe in just reviewing figures and using these to form an assumption - we want to be involved at "shop level" and understand what it is you, as the business owner, want to achieve.

Our Managing Director Ernest Raina, has a wealth of experience in the manufacturing (for both local and export markets), retail and civil engineering industries. He has held positions of Accountant/Financial Controller, Managing & Financial directorships in companies employing up to 500 people and turnover of US$250 million.

Over the past few years we have migrated almost all of our clients into "the cloud" and after living in Auckland for 15 years, we decided to make the move to the Coromandel. With the internet having become a powerful and versatile tool for businesses, and with the use of XERO and MYOB cloud based solutions, we found the move easy to make.